For Residents of Gerrards Cross Aged 60 and Over

The Town Council has successfully operated the Taxi Concessionary Fares Scheme for a number of years now. The service is aimed at residents aged 60 and over who live within the town of Gerrards Cross and have difficulties in getting to and from appointments at local medical services (such as doctors surgeries, dentists and opticians) and hospitals.

Taxi Concessionary Fares Scheme

Downloadable Forms

Forms in PDF format

The way the scheme works is that once an individual has become a member, they are able to telephone the approved taxi company and make a booking in the normal way to take them to the appropriate medical facility. The agreed fares for these destinations are listed in the information sent to the scheme member when they join. At the end of each one way journey, the member pays the driver the agreed fare and will be given a signed receipt. The member then completes a claim form and takes this, along with the receipts, to the Post Office in Gerrards Cross where a rebate of around 50% of the fare can be claimed. The amount of rebate for each destination is set out with the agreed fare information. It is possible for the rebate to be collected from the Post Office by a friend or family member on behalf of the scheme member.

There is a very simple application form to fill in (which can be obtained from the Town Council Office) and once this has been approved, the Town Clerk will contact the applicant to arrange to take a photograph which can then be incorporated onto a pass with a membership number.

If you think you, or someone you know, could benefit from joining this scheme please contact the Town Council Office at South Lodge, East Common on 01753 888018 and we will be delighted to give you more information or send you an application form.