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Do you use and enjoy the Common and the Camp?

Do you walk or drive past the Common and the children’s play area or the ponds?

The Gerrards Cross East and West Commons, which sit between the A40 and the town, are a Conservation Area and a pleasure to many. They connect the North with South Gerrards Cross. Their woodland, myriad criss-crossing paths, two ponds, open areas, grass areas and glades are widely used by youth and old alike.

Gerrards Cross Conservation Volunteers
Gerrards Cross Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers keep paths clear, clear holly and ivy, clear overgrown undergrowth / scrub/ brush, cut down dangerous dead trees, dispose of litter, and reopen glades.

West Common footpath –  Providing Wheelchair access from the Packhorse Road to the Latchmoor Pond for the residents of the Chiltern Cheshire Residential Care Home… and for the benefit of the entire Gerrards Cross community.

Strollers, cyclists, joggers, mothers with their push chairs and small children on their scooters – all can now enjoy a clean, level, mud free surface… all the way from the A40 (Oxford Road) to the B416 (Packhorse Road).

This makes it safer for children and senior citizens, more pleasant for walkers and those who run the 1500m running routes, more pleasant for children and teenagers who enjoy their play areas and football pitches.

By doing this work we keep the area looking clean, kempt and attractive. Unkempt areas are a temptation for vandalism and litter.

People like to help because they get exercise in the open air and widen their social network.

Come and join in to help us keep this community pleasant. Young and old alike are very welcome.

We meet by the Town Council hut beside Colston Court, opposite the children’s play area on East Common Road,
at 9.30am on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Coffee break (free tea/coffee and biscuits) at 11.00am. We’re finished by 12.30ish until next month.

For further information contact the Clerk 01753 888018 or by email [email protected]