Our Unitary Councillors have received the following email response from Mr Robert Smith, Service Director Highways and Technical Services and Communities Directorate. An explanation for the East Common road closure.

“East Common, Gerrards Cross has been closed to allow for the safe construction of residential development at 26 East Common, Gerrards Cross

Buckinghamshire Council, in its role as Highway Authority, received an application under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, from the developer, Reynard Consulting Ltd on behalf of Zafiro Homes, on 21st May 2021 to allow them to carry out works agreed as part of a Planning Permission granted by South Bucks Area of Buckinghamshire Council.

Initially the developer requested permission for ad hoc road closures, with no specific information of timings and durations. A programme was requested by Council Officers but was not provided.

However, on reviewing the practicalities of the proposed ad hoc closures and the confusion and potential safety issues that this could cause to drivers and residents, along with the narrow width of the public highway that meant that one way working with temporary traffic lights was unworkable, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) determined that a full time closure was needed and the licence was granted on that basis.  Regrettably, due to an oversight, this significant change was not communicated to the local councillors or the Town Council.

It is recognised that this closure is causing disruption to traffic in the area, particularly if other emergency works are needed on other roads in the same location.

TfB have been reviewing the works programme with the developer and will continue to press for a swift conclusion to the works and the removal of the closure and will ensure that Local Members and the Town Council are kept up to date on progress.”



Rob Smith

Service Director – Highways and Technical Services

Communities Directorate

Buckinghamshire Council